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Uncover Entrenched Beliefs

"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old."
- Peter Drucker

At ENTRADA, we believe transformative growth is possible only with transformative thinking. And the best way to transform our thinking is to question our most deeply held beliefs about what we do, why we do it and how we bring value to our customers. Too often, we see healthcare leaders make decisions informed by beliefs, biases and practices rooted in past experience rather than in the light of marketplace realities and the choices patients, customers and communities face every day.

This deep investigation of entrenched beliefs reveals the strategic insights and imperatives required for transformative change.

We begin our collaboration with clients by uncovering their entrenched beliefs. Through one-on-one interviews, we listen to understand what they do and why. We ask about vision, approach and evaluation to gain insights into both their strategic goals and their processes. Through these conversations, we identify entrenched beliefs that we share with clients in a safe, energizing, interactive workshop. Together, we examine each belief and challenge participants to defend what they believe to be true.

Next, we immerse ourselves in market research. We study existing reports, healthcare data analytics and conduct additional user research and market analysis to bridge gaps in knowledge. We seek to understand the forces acting on our clients’ business and customers to bring added insights into our analysis. As we overlay new findings on each entrenched belief, we confirm or deny its validity and share the results.

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