ENTRADA leverages the power of research, strategy, design thinking and custom technology to bring new perspectives to healthcare.
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ENTRADA is the healthcare industry’s go-to partner for breakthrough insight, strategy, design thinking and cutting-edge digital engagement. We’ve assembled the industry’s brightest talent to consistently leverage our transformative process and bring demonstrable change to our clients.

Our approach enables our clients to deliver streamlined, accessible solutions to a wide variety of stakeholders in an inherently complex healthcare ecosystem. Simply put, we like to challenge beliefs. In fact, our process of insight discovery and design thinking enable expression of different perspectives and exploration of potential solutions and scenarios that result in uncovering the best path forward that is both impactful and sustainable.


Founded by healthcare marketing pioneers Daniella Koren and Carlo Calcagni to provide an innovative approach to solving complex healthcare challenges. ENTRADA has curated industry experts and refined our core competencies to create innovative solutions.

Today, ENTRADA is the healthcare innovation consultancy that companies turn to with their most complex business, marketing and user experience challenges. With decades of experience, we go deeper to identify strategies for transformative growth and to create solutions that drive sustainable, measurable impact.


For healthcare companies ready to amplify their ability to compete strategically and expand their value, ENTRADA applies key core competencies with validated processes to deliver innovative solutions with measurable outcomes.


Our team brings together top talent across research, strategy, design, user experience and technology to advocate for human-centered solutions. We seek to transform the way healthcare companies connect with people — and the way people understand and interact with healthcare.

We are committed to transformation. ENTRADA was built to challenge traditional thinking. Our research uncovers entrenched beliefs to surface insights and solutions that are rooted in the experiences of patients and providers, companies and communities.

Our fluid methodology is as rigorous as it is inventive. Our Discover / Design / Deploy approach combines innovative market research and business modeling techniques with hands-on design thinking methods to provide transformative solutions with sustainable, measurable outcomes.


At ENTRADA, healthcare is more than our business. We harness the powerful combination of medical science, communications, education and emerging technology to reimagine engagement in healthcare. With decades of combined experience, we have distilled our working philosophy into 5 core beliefs.

1. We believe in our clients.
Our clients are transforming healthcare, pioneering medicine and delivering care that supports personal and public health. Their work inspires us to be collaborators committed to amplifying their ability to deliver care, compete strategically and expand their value.

2. We believe each person has the right to health and information.
Today, we all face unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and glaring health disparities in our communities. The healthcare community has the potential to ensure each person can make informed choices and lead increasingly healthy lifestyles. At ENTRADA, we see our work as a profound responsibility to change lives through the power of insight, information and inspiration.

3. We believe healthcare must evolve.
We’ve spent decades working with healthcare companies that make decisions based on beliefs that haven’t been validated. We are committed to transforming the approach to a more empathetic patient-centric system. Our disciplined three-phased process reimagines healthcare consulting and communications. We uncover entrenched beliefs, develop strategic pathways, innovate with design thinking, reimagine engagement and build technology that drives lasting change.

4. We believe there is a better way to solve complex challenges.
Using the principles of design thinking, we place people at the center of our work to understand their goals, needs and pain points. As we question assumptions about how stakeholders think and make choices, we develop empathy for their lived experience and the challenges they face. We use a hands-on approach to create rapid iteration and prototyping to surface the insights needed to craft truly innovative, user-centric solutions with the potential to drive healthcare transformation.

5. We believe in each other.
We’re a close-knit team that believes in transparency and the belief that great ideas can come from anywhere in our company. We do our best work when we build on each other’s strengths to bring new perspectives, fresh thinking and varied frameworks based on our collective talents. Our collaboration across disciplines inspires us to push harder, dig deeper and create transformative work for, and with, our clients.


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