Company | Core Competency 2

Develop Strategic Pathways

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Solving healthcare’s most complex challenges requires strategic solutions. Building on key insights and imperatives from our entrenched beliefs discovery process, we craft strategies that define pathways to transformational change for our clients.

We begin with vision. Rooted in research and a deep investigation of a client’s strategic priorities, process and promise, we define a vision for the future state they seek to create. Articulating a bold vision not only clarifies aspirations, it also creates a rallying point for our client teams that galvanize their work and sense of common purpose. Paired with this vision statement, we create the top-level strategy to achieve it.

At ENTRADA, partnering with our clients to strategically reimagine healthcare is not just what we do. It’s our purpose.

We translate vision into action strategically. Once the vision and top-level strategy are in place, we delineate strategic imperatives for growth that elevate and differentiate value creation, brand narrative, user experience, technology deployment and more. Beneath each strategic imperative, we define strategic drivers to articulate tactical actions to reach, engage and activate patients and people, customers and communities in ways that drive sustainable, measurable impact.

Today, more than ever, companies and institutions must be strategic. The COVID-19 pandemic, glaring health disparities and daunting levels of complexity have created a perfect storm for healthcare organizations. Traditional approaches to customer segmentation and engagement no longer address the needs of the marketplace. The status quo no longer applies. New, innovative, strategic pathways must be created if healthcare is to fulfill its promise to patients and to society.

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