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Who we are

For ENTRADA and our clients, success feels like opening a door and traveling somewhere new. Working side by side to push past what we know and into the world of what others need — and making smart decisions along the way that align with your business.

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What we know

We have learned that you can’t rely on an old belief system to make critical brand decisions. We call these entrenched beliefs (EB). Taking risks to break out of your comfort zone and use divergent thinking will help push past the obvious and get to breakthrough solutions.

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Entrenched Belief 1
"9 times out of 10, physicians make the call on the brand they write. The patient really doesn't have the ability to impact the decision." What's an EB?
Entrenched Belief 2
"Our review teams are ultra-conservative. We’ll never get this approved!" What's an EB?
Entrenched Belief 3
"We've gone down this road before…this just won't work!" What's an EB?

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