Raising Awareness and Educating an Underserved Community


Women’s Health


Social listening, social influencer identification, social influencer screening, social influencer contracting, social influencer training and engagement


Assist a pioneering, nonprofit pharmaceutical with reaching young women in underserved communities across the United States with accurate information about birth control options, including IUDs available at reduced cost to the public sector.


Uninsured and underinsured women in America face a daunting lack of equitable access to healthcare, as well as to information and counseling about contraception. Despite condoms and the birth control pills serving as common options, they are often not used effectively, and the rates of pregnancies in teenaged and single mothers continue to rise. In addition, younger women do not consume traditional media and, therefore, need to be targeted through alternative channels.


Identify and leverage social influencers to share critical messaging regarding the mission and bring much-needed education to underserved teen girls and young women regarding birth control options and IUDs through informational channels they trust. This was accomplished through a series of defined actions that allowed us to identify the optimal mix of social influencers for partnership:

  1. Scoured social media for women producing and delivering influential content for the specified target market
  2. Profiled 6 women of differing ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds with distinct followings who would be ideal for partnership
  3. Conducted outreach and screening interviews
  4. Assisted in development of customized engagement plans
  5. Streamlined contracting efforts
  • Assembled a team of social influencers prepared to assist our client in engaging the underserved women in this country with gaining access to affordable and reliable birth control


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