Preventing Further Erosion With an Unbranded CRM Program


Hematology, Rare Disease, Patient Marketing


CRM benchmarking, online bulletin board market research, entrenched belief workshop, strategic roadmap, program design, logo development, content & cadence mapping, strategic integration with branded programs


Recent market entrant has caused significant share erosion among the company’s market leader treatment in hemophilia A.


There is a critical need to develop a strong counternarrative to the new competitor and to educate patients and caregivers about the criticality of long-term maintenance of factor therapy, so they are more likely to remain persistent with their current treatment and less likely to switch.


Design and develop an unbranded CRM initiative rooted in deep customer insights that will have a significant impact on patient/caregiver behavior and breed steadfast advocacy for the use of factor in the management of bleeding disorders. This was accomplished through a series of defined action steps:

  • Comprehensive benchmarking of competitive CRM program offerings
  • Online bulletin board market research to foster patient and caregiver interaction and surface deep, actionable customer insights
  • Social listening
  • Entrenched beliefs discovery and workshop to gain alignment and agreement on role and value of patient CRM
  • Strategic roadmap genesis to provide a critical foundation for the unbranded CRM initiative and lay out a clearly defined path for the next
    12 months
  • Program design, including segmented content and contact maps
  • Enrollment form optimization
  • Meaningful value proposition offerings to compel enrollment
  • Social Influencer identification

Results coming soon!


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