Building Compliance and Persistency Simultaneously


Rare Disease | Cystic Fibrosis


Strategy, lead acquisition, iCRM, content development, analytics


CF patients struggle to remember their refills with a 1 month on/1 month off treatment schedule. In addition, the 3-times daily dosing adds complexity to staying persistent. How could we get them to improve both compliance and persistency?


Research revealed that administration and the complexity of the regimen challenges product adherence. We identified 3 strategic pillars:

  • Support active patients/caregivers with “smart” responsive and personally relevant information to motivate continued adherence to brand
  • Educate and motivate lapsed patients/caregivers to re-initiate brand, using personalized messaging based on barriers
  • Partner with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and CF centers to create a cohesive patient experience and support enrollment and messages about staying on track

We designed an empowering, brand-focused Patient Engagement program that:

  • Reacts quickly to individual preferences, activities and needs
  • Engages patients and caregivers in an interactive relationship that is dynamic and finely tailored
  • Responds with content and support that is timely and relevant to a specific patient’s journey with:
    • Data overlaid with additional databases in specialty pharmacy, Access Program and Call Center
    • Email waves pulsed to real scripts — content timed to support fills and encourage dosing
  • Enrollments surpassed expectations of qualified enrollments
  • Over 80% of access program enrollees also enrolled in the patient engagement program
  • Positive ROI validated by independent research conducted by client


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