Optimizing Refill Rate, Mitigating Drop-Off and Providing Added Value


Rare Disease | Cushing’s


Strategy, platform development, content development, analytics


Treatment is available only from one specialty pharmacy and can be shipped only if patients have confirmed a delivery date each month to ensure they are home to receive the delivery. Patients can miss shipment of treatment if the specialty pharmacy is not able to connect with the patient to schedule shipment, risking a disruption in treatment.

How could we optimize refill rate, mitigate drop off and provide added value to the refill scheduling and delivery process for patients?

  • Make scheduling shipment more convenient for patients by allowing them to schedule 24 hours a day online
  • Use multiple communication channels to remind patients when it is time to refill their prescription to ensure their medication regimen is not disrupted
  • Integrate data with specialty pharmacy and third-party centralized patient database for seamless patient experience
  • Utilized Keystone’s HIPAA-compliant database to establish a data feed with the specialty pharmacy and third-party centralized patient database to securely exchange patient refill data
  • Created a platform for patients that reminds them to schedule their refill and allows them to use a secured online portal to select their shipment date within the appropriate time frame based on their refill due date
  • Developed both email and text message reminders, allowing patients to choose how they would like to be reminded about refills needed/due dates
  • Timed refill reminders precisely to when a patient is due for a refill, based on secure patient refill data
  • Patients more consistently refilled their prescription using the program
  • Content engagement performed well above our normative averages


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