Generating Awareness of At-Home, Blood Glucose Monitoring for Pets


Animal Health | Diabetes | Device


Strategy, lead acquisition, iCRM, A/B testing, content development, analytics


How can we increase knowledge of at-home blood glucose (BG) monitoring for diabetic cats and dogs and empower the pet owner to have a discussion with their veterinarian who may be hesitant to encourage checking blood glucose at home?


Diabetes affects an average of 1 in every 200 cats and 1 in every 500 dogs. An important part of managing a pet's diabetes is monitoring their blood glucose levels to assess their treatment plan and make adjustments, if needed. Human blood glucose meters are inaccurate when used on pets 30% of time because they are not calibrated for pets.

Additionally, veterinarians may be hesitant to suggest pet owners test their pets blood glucose levels at home out of fear or the pet owner over- or underdosing insulin.


Develop an iCRM program that successfully:

  • Attracts owners of diabetic cats and dogs by offering a value proposition that prompts enrollment
  • Engages pet owners in a relationship that provides education on both the benefits of blood glucose monitoring and product to motivate branded requests from their veterinarian(s)
  • Provides a series of communications informed by qualitative and quantitative research
  • Enrollments of pet owners with diabetic dogs/cats exceeded expectations
  • The program significantly increased knowledge of pet diabetes, at-home blood glucose testing, and product
  • 62% of those who discussed product purchased/received product


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